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Yukon Gold Potatoes

Yukon gold potatoes were introduced to the country in 1980. Whereever potatoes are grown, so are Yukon Golds.

A sweet-tasting potato with a golden color. Retains its color when baked, boiled or fried. The Yukon Gold potato should be cooked whole and without peeling. The nutrients in potatoes are close to the skin and when cooking whole it retains most of the nutrients. Once cut, sprinkle with lemon or apple juice to keep from browning. When baking don't foil wrap--it creates wet, gummy texture inside the potato.

Selecting, Storing and Preparing

Choose firm, clean, smooth potatoes with no cuts. Exposure to light can cause potatoes to have a green appearance and become bitter tasting. Always store potatoes out of the light. Soft dark areas and sprouting of potatoes are not acceptable. Never store potatoes with apples and pears. The potatoes will absorb the apple or pear taste and visa versa.

Mom used to store them under the sink and they stayed real good. The cooler you keep potatoes the sweeter they get.


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