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Romaine Hearts

Romaine Hearts are a preferred green for Caesar Salad. They are sweetly bitter with a good crunchy taste.

Available year-round.

When buying Romaine hearts, look for crisp leaves with no rust spots or browning edges.


Romaine hearts will last longer if washed before storing. Break or cut off the bottom and separate leave. Rinse in very cold water to remove any sand or dirt. Dry thoroughly before storing. Keep in the coldest part of the refrigerator - either in crisper drawer or a plastic bag. Keep away from apples or other fruits and vegetables that produce ethylene gas. The Romaine leaves will turn black.

Romaine hearts are not baby Romaine or Romaine heads that are stripped down, they are a distinct unique commodities.

They plant certain Romaine lettuce varieties that produce a full, solid heart with leaves that curl inward at the tip. They are grown to be about 40% lighter in color (the leaves) which produces a much sweeter taste.

Romaine Hearts are 100% useable - no waste - all heart. Simply rinse, chop and serve.

Although available year-round, it is essentially a cold weather lettuce with peak seasons of early spring and mid-autumn.


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