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Honey Kiss and Golden Kiss Melons

Great fragrance is the hallmark of a good ripe melon. If I've got a box or two in the truck, it doesn't matter what other produce is in there. When I open the door to unload, the warm rich, sweet summer smell of the melon is the first thing that hits me.

Honey Kiss

Honey Kiss Hami Gold is a new exclusive Hami melon variety. The Hami melon originated in the northwest province of Xinxiang in mainland China over 700 years ago and has been popular with the Chinese for centuries. It is said that the Hami melon was not originally produced in the Hami Prefecture but in nearby Shanshan. Because King Hami sent it to the Qing Emperor as a tribute, which praised the fruit greatly for its incomparable honey aroma, the melon was so named "Hami melon." In China the Hami melon is called the “King of Melons” due to its sweet honey aroma, high vitamin content and medicinal value.

Honey Kiss Hami Gold melon has a distinct light crisp texture and is incredibly refreshing and sweet. Honey Kiss melons have a lightly netted distinct yellow skin, light salmon colored meat and are oval in shape. Some melons develop brown spots (sugar spots) due to their high sugar content and are the best tasting melons. Honey Kiss melons have a long shelf life and are extremely refreshing served cut into cubes or melon balls and chilled in the refrigerator.

Selection and Storage

Ripen at room temperature. Refrigerate cut melon and enjoy within 1 week.


May thru November

Golden Kiss Melon

The Golden Kiss® melon is a delectable new hybrid of Galia and Charentais melons. It features a striking gold-green ridged netting with sutures, a bright orange flesh with small seed cavity. Golden Kiss® has a very juicy, somewhat tender flesh with a mild melon flavor and a clean, sweet finish and hints of pear and Galia melon.


Enjoy alone or lightly season with lemon or lime juice, ginger, honey, brown sugar or cayenne pepper. Make melon boats — scoop out melon balls then refill shell for a beautiful fruit salad. Purée and add to blended drinks and cocktails, or use to make cold fruit soups. For dessert, serve melon with vanilla ice cream. Drizzle melon cubes with non-alcoholic syrups like hazelnut or orange.

Selection and Storage

Keep whole uncut melons at room temperature for 2 to 4 days or until fully ripe, then refrigerate for up to 5 days. Refrigerate cut melon in a covered container up to 3 days. Remember that cut melons are aromatic and their smell will penetrate other foods.


June to November


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