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Galia Melons (Costa Rica)

The Galia is one exception to the rule that good melons only come in late summer and fall. This impact is fairly new to Americans introduced to us by Israel. Galias are now grown in California, Chile, most southern U.S. states, along with Costa Rica and Panama. Any place that grows good melons can grow Galias. Color and fragrance not softness at the stem end indicates ripeness. Great fragrance is a hallmark of a good melon. Galia melons are not picked unless they're mature and have a high sugar content.


Peak season for the Costa Rica Galias is usually between January and March. Israel season peak is November through March with January and February the key months. Galias basically look like cantaloupes but the rind is much more golden and the flesh is an appealing pale green, has a texture more like that of a honeydew. They're also very costly - a Galia the size of a cantaloupe goes for $3.50 to $4.00 in most markets. But I figure you have two choices, you can spend $1.99 and get a tasteless, out-of-season melon or you can spend $4.00 and get something that's good to eat.


Galias left at room temperature to me have a better taste, but once cut, wrap good and refrigerate.


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