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Desert Glory Cherry Tomatoes

Desert Glory Cherry Tomatoes are sold in net bags with the stems still attached to the tomatoes. With the stems still attached, this lets the cherry tomato still receive the nutrients from the stem and makes the tomatoes sweeter. They are always about 50% sweeter than the regular cherry tomatoes. This also makes it possible to pick the cherry tomatoes when they are deep red in color and fully matured. When picked fully matured, the taste is always much better.

Like all tomatoes you never want to refrigerate these cherry tomatoes because they will lose their flavor and texture.

In the winter and early spring, it's very hard to find a good tasting tomato. This is probably the best tasting of all the tomatoes this time of year. This is the one tomato that you can pick by just smelling them. They have that fresh, sweet smell that tomatoes from years ago had.

Stem cherry tomatoes, like all tomatoes, are a fruit. You should not wash or remove the stem until you are ready to use. Also, never ripen on the window sill or in the sun. Just leave out on the counter and never, never, never, refrigerate!

When selecting, look for a good red color. Avoid those that look orange in color. Check to see if the stems are still attached; if stems are missing or tomatoes are off the stems, chances are those tomatoes have been sitting around too long.

A great tomato is worth looking for, and the way you handle them at home is almost as important as the way you choose them.


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