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Blood Oranges

Vibrant and dramatic, the interior of a blood orange resembles a red rose and tastes like an orange kissed by a raspberry. The orange is sweet, with less acid than juice oranges.

Brought to America in the 1930's by Italian and Spanish immigrants. Resembles a valencia orange, sometimes has a red blush on the skin. Fruit is small to medium-size; the skin may be smooth or pitted.


Although Italian in origin, grown in California in the U.S.. The season is December through July. The exact reasons for the red interior color is not known. It is believed, though, that light, temperature and variety are important factors.


You should gauge freshness as you would for any orange, by choosing the heaviest for its size. Red coloring on the skin does not guarantee red color inside.


Keep up to 2 weeks in refrigerator and you should handle bloods like any other orange.


Ideal for adding to any fruit mixture or salad. Use plain or add to mixed drinks, or as a base for sauces.


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